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Credit Suisse Gold Bars

Credit Suisse is a bank founded over 150 years ago in Switzerland, and it's now the most established and respected financial institutions and mints in the financial world. Credit Suisse is invaluable as an asset and helper for global corporations, governments, and institutions, and its' influence is only growing. 

Operating in almost 50 countries, their goal is to be internationally available to stay relevant in all markets. They managed to stay at the top of their game for more than a century, and they are now one of the world's most popular manufacturers of gold bars.

All the gold bars are made in Valcambi, a well-respected refinery of various precious metals. Credit Suisse is a major stakeholder in the Valcambi company, which further ensures that the gold bars have the highest quality.

However, what made Credit Suisse such a popular choice is that this Swiss bank was the first to make gold bullion in smaller denominations. This way, Credit Suisse paved the way for individual investors and allowed them to enter the gold market. 

The Credit Suisse gold bar 1-oz comes with Credit Suisse printed at the top and the bottom - you can see the weight, purity, and serial number, which is different for each bar made by Credit Suisse. 

The Credit Suisse gold bars have 9999 fine credit, ensuring you get the finest and best gold for your money. Credit Suisse backs each gold bar, so there is no worry that your gold bar might not be up to par.

All bullion made by Credit Suisse comes with the back of the bar printed in the Credit Suisse logo, and each bullion piece is sealed in a plastic certicard. If you purchase Credit Suisse bars with Pacific Precious Metals, you will get your items packed in the original packaging with all certificates. The certicard also prevents damage - but if you go with us, you can rest assured that the items will come damage-free, thanks to the fully-insured shipping.

The most popular size would be, of course, the 1-ounce one, but other popular options would be the Credit Suisse 5-gram gold bar and the Credit Suisse 10-oz gold bar. The Swiss bank also produces silver, platinum, and palladium bars - available in plenty of sizes, going from 1 gram to 1 kg.

One-ounce bars are so popular because they have the lowest premiums and can be sold anywhere - efficiently and immediately. Credit Suisse gold bars are extremely famous, and you will always get genuine bullion if you go with this Swiss company.

If you are interested in Credit Suisse gold bars, check out our selection below and find the one that works best. We offer competitive pricing - just a pinch over the spot price!

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