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Gold, silver bullion deals are always popular, and what is the optimal moment to invest in bullion?
Always! Even during the global pandemic, you should invest in gold, silver, platinum, or platinum!

Of course, the prices of metals bullion fluctuate on a daily basis - no doubt about that. However, the prices are continuing to rise steadily - the metal had a good year. The same deal was with silver in 2020, the bullion some people like to call 'poor man's gold'. It was a great year for buying products like silver, gold, and platinum.

If you missed out on our Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts, you definitely shouldn't sleep on our bullion on sale right now!

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Gold Bullion Deals

Gold Bullion is as safe for buying as it can be. A decision to buy gold bullion is always a good one, and the free shipping doesn't hurt - find the item worth the money!

2021 1oz Perth Mint Lunar Series: Year of the Ox Gold Coin

Perth Mint is renowned for the lunar series, going back to 1996. The 1oz Australian Perth Mint Lunar III: Year of the Ox is a new coin, guaranteed by the Australian government. The premiums are significant, and you can buy gold bullion at the lowest price of $99 above the spot.

Any Year 1oz South African Gold Krugerrand

South African Gold Krugerrand round features the first president of the South African Republic - Paul Kruger and the Springbok Gazelle on the back. The coin date you receive will be of our choice. You can get this bullion for prices as low as $100 above the spot.

1oz Canadian Gold Maple Leaf - 999 (1979-82)

This is perhaps one of the most beautiful coins of all gold and silver rounds out there. The obverse of the Canadian Maple Leaf has a profile of Queen Elizabeth II, and the reverse has a depiction of a single large maple leaf. You can purchase these .999 fine gold products for the price as low as $55 above the spot.

1oz Credit Suisse Gold Bar

Credit Suisse is one of the leading financial institutions and precious refiners. This metal bar contains one troy ounce of .9999 fine gold. The reverse of the bar has a diagonal pattern of the "Credit Suisse" logo. The lowest prices for this bar are $73 above the spot!

Generic 1oz Gold Bar

The generic 1oz bars have a track record of being reputable and popular. Generic brand costs less, but it's still made of 1 troy ounce of .9999 fine gold bullion. The premiums alone make these bars popular. You can purchase this bar for as low as $75 above the spot with free shipping!

Silver Bullion Deals

The best silver bullion specials are inexpensive but still lucrative! Pacific Precious Metals is a reputable dealer and the cheapest place to buy silver bars! We have a sale right now - it's time to purchase those items in your cart or your wish list!

1kg Generic Silver Bar

Generic bars are accompanied by a lower premium regarding the spot price. Each Generic Bar is made of 1000 grams of .999 fine silver, and they are 100% authentic and IRA eligible! You can purchase it at the lowest price of $3.90 above spot (per ounce) with free shipping!

1oz Ganesha Silver Round

This custom made 10z round features a beautiful depiction of the Hindu God Ganesha on the front side and a generic design on the back. This 999 fine silver coin is perfect for celebrating Diwali or simply investing. You can purchase the Ganesha rounds for prices as low as $8.00 above the spot price - the best deals on silver rounds!

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