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British Gold Coins

British gold coins are known worldwide and have the widest selection, minted for over two centuries. Most gold coins you come across are 1-ounce coins, but UK Treasury issued ¼ ounce gold coins, known as the Gold Sovereign.

The Gold Sovereign coin has been minted since 1817 - and it’s one of the most well-known gold coins in the world. Not only that but this coin is trusted all around the world, making it an international means of insurance - you can sell it anywhere.

A British Sovereign gold coin can diversify your portfolio in a sense to protect your wealth in case your high-risk investments don’t perform as well as you hoped. Smaller than gold bars but still valuable, the UK gold coins are portable and much easier to keep safe.

The Sovereign is a legal tender coin, and it’s supported by the UK Treasury, making it one of the most trustworthy investments today. One of the leading mints in the world - the British gold mint is always in demand, and they hold value even in difficult times economy-wise.

British gold coins are sold tax-free in the US, which adds one more reason why you should add the Sovereign coins to your collection. Check out our selection of British gold coins below and find the best ones for your portfolio!

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