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Dental Gold

Why Sell Dental Gold to Pacific Precious Metals?

  1. We pay you for both gold AND palladium. Total payouts usually exceed a 100% payout on the price of the gold alone.
  2. We are local.
  3. We can xray your dental gold and pay you on the spot right in your office or we can have it refined off site - its YOUR CHOICE.
  4. Offsite refining should yield a more accurate assay given the variation in each piece of dental gold and turnaround time is 1-3 days.
  5. We can pay you in cash, check, bank wire, or bullion.

Pacific Precious Metals wants to be your local gold and palladium dental scrap refiner of choice.  Most suppliers require that you send them your dental gold in the mail. We can pay you right in your office when we visit or pick it up directly from your office. We want our relationship to be long-term so we provide a transparent process for you to sell gold crowns, bridges, caps, etc. If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area and have not already had a visit from one of our representatives, please feel free to call us.  

(415) 383-7411

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